Thursday, March 29, 2007

in pieces...

first thing i did this morning was open my strawberry yogurt... and SPLAT on the red sweater. seriously. yogurt HATES me. how many times has this happened??

last thing i did yesterday before leaving work was whack my knee against the corner of my desk... in a lets-relocate-your-kneecap kind of a way. working out about thirty minutes later was a big treat lemme tell ya. so was trying to stand up after sitting on the toilet. i'm a disaster area lately... it's like the ceiling doesn't WANT me to function at the gym. stupid old lady body. does anyone have a knew one that i can borrow?

we are down one more roommate for the next month... so it's just j and i in our huge ass apartment for the next six weeks. i am not complaining really... it's pretty much awesome. and no offense mo, but i'm pretty happy about having our bathroom to myself too.

i'm going to need to shoot soon... i'm starting to feel like i want to, and the weather is starting to behave.

one thing i've noticed lately, and this is TOTALLY going to be an overshare... since i no longer have a car (which was my previous location for nose pickage... it just happens... don't judge me), i've started doing it in my office. with my office door WIDE open. and people just walk right on by... and somehow i don't even care. i mean, i try and be slightly discreet about it, but sometimes you just gotta go for it.

and yes, i pick my nose. and my farts don't smell like orchids... maybe peanut butter and tuna sandwiches...

or death.

and yes i'm in one of those moods. have a glorious day!!

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