Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back to business...

back in town after spending the last few days in rochester with the wonderful tammy swales (www.tammyswales.com). it was a really amazing trip for me in terms of getting to watch someone run a successful photo business... reminded me that it's ok to let the dorkiness hang out. the right clients will still find you.

signed the lease on the new apartment in greenpoint... aka "the closet". it'll be nice to get my shit out of storage, have access to my entire wardrobe all at once. sleep in my own space.

going to see the new HP with o.b.e. tonight... midnight screening. pretty sure that i'll be giggling and clapping with glee the entire time. i think i embarrass him. :)

very excited about heading back to seattle next week... an excessive number of photo shoots have been scheduled, and i'll have a good enough number of days to get to see friends this time. hugs will be served on ice.

i love the sunshine... it does good things for the soul.


chira said...

yay. maybe i will run into you when you are here! your photos look amazing as always. :)

SpeedySasquatch said...

When you blow in my eye ball and it doesn't make a noise are you surprised?