Tuesday, September 2, 2008

who knew that there's such a thing as too much cucumber...

there's entirely too much cucumber in my salad right now. if you're going to overdo it on the salad fixings, mister chopped salad maker, can't you give me excessive amounts of avocado or something? now THAT i would love.

someone suggested to me over the weekend that mosquitos are attracted to certain blood types. really? REALLY? they discern between my pinot noir worthy A positiveness? well that makes sense... i'd want to suck my own blood, i'm that derrrricious. either way, after attending a bbq on saturday afternoon, i counted TWENTY-TWO squite bites on my lower legs and ankles... and lemme tell ya...they are some itchy em effers. the heat doesn't help either, since it just causes the bites to swell and itch and some more.

a coworker just IMed me to say that there were leftover cupcakes in the kitchen. yes... i just RAN down the hallway. for crying out loud.

also, i was greatly overjoyed to find out that gabriel macht has been cast as the spirit. i even bought the ridiculously horrible 'because i said so' on dvd because he was in it (hurl).

i'm too lazy to tell you stories... instead, please enjoy this video taken last night. i'm exhausted:

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