Friday, December 14, 2007

the nature of the beast...

oddly enough, one of the major (inside my head) reasons that i wanted to get away from seattle was my discomfort with the general laxness and flakiness of its residents. a very bizarre element of the seattle mellow spirit i suppose, but one that drives me absolutely bonkers.

so it goes without saying, that when i agreed to bring all of my camera gear back to seattle over the holidays and promised to book a few shoots for friends and acquaintances that were in need of my services, i figured that it would be a good way to pay off the cost of going there. as of today, five out of the six paid shoots that i booked have flaked and/or backed out for various reasons. am i pissed off? of course. am i surprised??... obviously not. so i'm sort of just sitting here, shaking my head at my computer screen. it's the nature of the beast, so what did i expect.

i have zero problems with flakiness in new york. where people are sooooo busy and in their own world and have no time to linger over the good things. and yet, when it comes to commitments, they are ON it.

an interesting dynamic, to be sure.


chira said...

i appreciate you.

Martha said...

hmmm. who are these flakes. i will punch them.

(unless of course one of them is me.. oh wiat, im not flaking...)

point me in their direction!!

Karen said...

I'm selling plasma next month to pay to get you here this summer, and those bastards get you for FREE and don't take advantage.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Five of six? Yikes? Consider that only 4 of 5 dentists approve of Trident gum, and that's a lot.

dactyl said...

hahah karen, they weren't getting me for free, just almost free. but no more discounts. :)

chira, i know you do... and i love you for setting our shoot up!

martha... shush.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

did you make them pay 1/2 non-refundable up front? Cus you shoulda. I hate when I book FREE shoots (I was trying to work up my portfolio) and people flake out at the last minute. Uh yeah, I coulda made plans or NOT spent the last 20 minutes setting everything up asshole.

Rachel Schell said...

I would like to point out if you aren't surprised by this then you wouldn't be pissed off. :P

ok, done being the devils advocate

that really sucks!! at least they booked and canceled though. I can't even get any bookings.

Anonymous said...

as a u-dub grad, i think seattle was the perfect place to be an irresponsible college student, but nyc is all bizness.

Jacob said...

That sucks majors, sorry to hear that. And here I was waiting on your availability. :)

Grandma sick w/ flu though, so no worries. Well, worry for her, but you know what I mean.

See, my experience was completely opposite. NY was always a chore trying to nail people down, whereas in Seattle I could usually book people w/ no problem. Weird.