Tuesday, January 2, 2007

new years knick knacks

it's a new year... i'm about to go make some swiss miss hot chocolate and then get back to work.
somewhere over the weekend, the last number of the year changed. i feel... exactly the same.

i'm thinking of two things really... why is my sense of smell so effing magical? why can i smell a mcdonald's from twenty miles away? why does the elevator have to wreak after someone's come back inside from infecting their lungs? (that should count as one question really)...

somehow i've managed to live in three states that all ban smoking indoors... for me and my fellow lung lovers this is quite the big deal. i just wish i didn't have to smell the aftermath in the elevator shaft. actually someone should name that their next rap album or something... it almost rhymes.

regardless...it a new year.

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