Monday, January 8, 2007

i have gas.. or at least manhattan does

apparently we're experiencing a city wide gas leak... midtown manhattan and parts of jersey city are experiencing this crap. buildings are being evacuated and subways rerouted. of course, we are still at work. heaven forbid we all go home simply with the headaches we've accumulated thus far.
over the weekend i saw pan's labyrinth with jacob. a couple of things: 1) i had no idea it was a foreign film and that i'd be reading subtitles (not a problem, sometimes i don't bother reading them just to test my spanish skills... not too shabby i must say)... and 2) by the title, one would expect some sort of fanciful plotline... not war and civil unrest. that said, it was a really beautiful movie, well done, competently acted and worth full theater price viewage. you should go see it. do.
i can't decide if i'm actually lightheaded right now, or if the effects of potential gas leaks have my mind playing tricks on me. all i know is that it really smelled quite bad this morning when i got here. now not so much.
humorous sidenote (and by humorous, i'm mentioning it only because it's amusing to me): i netflixed criminal last week and found it to be an amusing story... and then last night started watching nine stamps (or whatever the hell the title is/was) which is a spanish foreign film... turns out thus far the plotlines are identical. i stopped the movie about fifteen minutes into because i really don't feel like watching the same movie again... and by watching i mean READING since it's in spanish. still... amusing.
blah blah blah...
and in other news, i need to get myself some of these:
because it's raining donkey balls now and totally ruins my trousers by the time i get into work.

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